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It could be argued that every time we set up biz.Clarency for a new customer we're doing a custome applcation. There's pretty much always something case-specific that needs to be taken into account. Frankly, that's such a familiar situation that we don't consider it customisation - it's just doing the job properly.

But now and then we come across something different. That's exciting for us, because it's when we find new capabilities for the platform, as well as new ways of interacting with customers/partners to make things better for both of us. It's a collaborative approach that's broken significant new ground and produced innovations that none of us foresaw at the outset.

We thrive on this sort of challenge, expecially when it's a chance to be part of an innovative way of creating global opportunity and financial access. You'll work with a senior, dedicated project manager who'll work with you to develop a definitive goal and spec - and then maintain flexibility as, between us, we brainstorm even better solutions.


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