biz.Clarency in the real world

proof of concept

There's a huge void between a great idea and a solution that works when exposed to real-world situations. We knew biz.Clarency was a theoretical game-changer, but we were under no illusions that there'd be unforeseen problems to resolve when it faced its first working implementation. And we were right to think so.

We were lucky to be working with an enthusiastic partner/customer, and each of us learned a great deal from collaborating on ironing out workflows and improving flexibility. Thanks to them we're able to offer fully developed services that deliver those game-changing results that we planned from the outset.

Below are outlines from a few recent implementations. They're anonymous to protect the integrity of our customers, but we're happy to make introductions to allow you to hear from real users.

award-winning global fintech bank

14 currency clearing

This multi-award-winning challenger bank had for some time sought a bank that could provide clean payments in its regions of operation.

We’ve been able to provide those payments – and much more – and we implemented it all fast.

The bank now connects to biz.Clarency via APIs to provide seamless integration.

Our super-compliance engine overlays the bank’s own KYC platform and has already picked up a number of anomalies not detected by the in-house system. This has led to our working even more closely together to further refine compliance.

international payments innovator

14 currency clearing

This innovative international payments company needed access to banking. It planned to provide super-fast payments for international trade. We opened a USD nostro account for them and now support clearing and liquidity in 14 currencies.

This was a relatively straightforward set-up, going from concept to implementation inside two months.

UK-based remittance specialist

faster payments

Home remittances are a vital source of income for families in emerging regions. This remittance specialist is committed to financial inclusion, operating in many of the world’s most challenging regions. Its compliance processes must therefore be rock-solid.

In less than three months we set up a dedicated channel that interfaces directly with the company’s own systems, including cash logistics and digital funds transfer.

This is a highly competitive marketplace. Since implementation, we’ve helped the company take a leading position by providing buffer funding to allow same-day settlement instead of the more common T+3/4 model.

African digital bank

USD account

We have a strong commitment to African development. This digital bank was under considerable pressure from bank de-risking. At onboarding they were reduced to a single USD account, which was also seen as under threat. We provide a vital back-up USD account, protected by our transactional super-diligence.

innovative public interest bank

CHF account
EUR account

This public-interest bank has aims that coincide nicely with our own. As is common in its region, bank de-risking was hampering activities. We opened CHF and EUR nostro accounts, protected as always by our transactional KYC processes.

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